Hospital Care


  When I was an intern at Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, the charity patients needed only two things to see a doctor: a medical complaint and one dollar in cash.In the emergency clinic, after the patients were signed in they were given a plastic card with a large red number that indicated their place in the queue. This number was written on their paperwork and placed in an inbox so that a doctor or nurse could locate them by calling out their number, like a butcher in a deli.
Then, they waited for hours on a wooden bench against the outer wall of a cavernous room.For more information

We interns were instructed to take the case at the top of the inbox-we were told to resist the temptation to dig down into the box looking for something more interesting. One evening, I came on duty after being up all the previous night, and I was exhausted before I even started my shift. I looked around and none of the supervising staff was watching, so I ignored the patients waiting with complaints of “backache,” “headache,” and more “backache,” and I searched for something more stimulating. About fourteen layers down in the inbox, I found what I was looking for: a complaint, “chitlins in hand.”The bench around the room was completely filled with slump-shouldered citizens of Atlanta. I called out, “Number fourteen.” Far down at the end of the room, a gray-headed, elderly black man held up his little plastic card. As I approached him, I noticed that he was holding his other hand firmly against his stomach.

A Hospital Cash Back Plan – Just How It Can Aid You

A a stay in a medical facility – even if it is short – can really upset your household finances. Moreover, expenses of this sort can easily cause a person to go into debt. Fortunately, it’s possible to get financial help in the form of insurance protection like a hospital cashback plan, for instance.

Hospi Cash Back is not a medical scheme, but a health insurance policy that will pay you an agreed sum of money for t….

In The Daily Life Of A Physician

The doctors lifestyle will be pressure stuffed and also hectic, thus the majority of the physicians provide an assistant or secretary to provide your pet help along with his functions. One of many crucial work is medical appointment planning. If you’re a medical doctor, of course, if a person contain difficult tim….

Learn To Get Cash From A Hospital Stay

There arrives a period in most people’s lives when they’re forced to spend a couple of days within hospital. It could be as a result of an accident or perhaps an illness or even childbirth. If you spend more than a day or two in hospital it can get truly costly really fast, particularly if you need some specialised care of some type. There is a way to actually get some cash out of the stay….